Workout Gyms

The Workout GYMs are all about online math practice in a fast-paced environment students enjoy! A Silver Star shows successful completion of 12 math facts with no mistakes. Complete 24 facts correctly to earn a Gold Star. (Once a Gold Star is earned, no additional stickers are given for repeat plays of that number fact.)

Kids play math games to build fact fluency.

Designed to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication & division facts from 1 to 12.

1. Student chooses: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals or Integers icon from the GYMS hub on Player Homepage.
2. Selects an operation: Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide.
3. Selects a number fact: 1 through 12 for Whole Numbers Gym. (1/32 through 7/8 for Fractions Gym, etc)

Whole Numbers: 60 seconds / 120 seconds
Fractions: 120 seconds / 240 seconds
Decimals: 120 seconds / 240 seconds
Integers: 90 seconds / 180 seconds.

Math practice with real-time assessment.

GYMS data is available to all educators—from teachers through top-level admin—via an ASSESSMENT REPORT link on their FIM Homepage. Choose custom views, save data to spreadsheets.

Real-world success.

“I saw fewer basic math mistakes on my unit 7 test this week. First In Math GYMS made a difference.” —Dawn Jacobs (via Twitter)

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