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Our student-centered activities increase problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities to boost vital math skills for every type of learner. Parents are an essential component of the education process—encourage 10 or 15 minutes of math exploration each day!

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FamilyLink. For each student enrolled in the program, we automatically create one additional User ID for a family member or friend to use! A FamilyLink® player has full access to site content 24/7. (User ID appears on the Homepage of the student's school account.) (FamilyLink is provided with school subscriptions, and is not available for individual accounts)

First In Math’s games fit specific needs at every skill level, from basic arithmetic to algebra, trigonometry and more. Sometimes all a child needs is fundamental fact practice to get back into the thick of things — try any or all of these fluency modules for grade-appropriate practice:

Workout Gyms. Kids enjoy these fast-paced, short-cycle games that build fact fluency and automaticity with addition, subtraction, multiplication & division facts from 1 to 12. Also includes fractions, decimals and integers.

Bonus Games. Various types of untimed, playful skill-building activities — such as sequencing and working with tens — target skills students will need at each grade level, and focus on the same skills needed to complete Skill Sets 1 through 8.

Skill Sets®. Eight Skill Sets contain math games focused on specific levels of math learning, ranging from Addition to multi-step Algebra. Each "set" is comprised of three sequential 24® Games, each builds upon skills acquired in previous games.

Very Important Facts® (VIFs). A three-part sequence of video / instruction / practice helps students build automaticity with basic facts. Students learn how to decompose numbers, and a straightforward way to add & subtract numbers, including double digits.