Dr. Lola J. May Award

Susan Whited

2018 WINNER: Susan Whited

Susan Whited, from Ferry Farm ES in Stafford County, Virginia, is the top-ranked educator in the nation! “After seven years of FIM, I am honored to win the Dr. Lola J. May Award! My strategy this year was to play each game as accurately as possible in order to maximize the number of stickers that I earned. I hope I showed my students that setting and working toward challenging goals can lead to success."


Silver Medal
Chris Sakers

Southwest Academy,
Baltimore, MD.

Bronze Medal
Carol A. Lauck

St. Nicholas School, Minesville, PA.

Chris Sakers - 2017

2017 WINNER: Chris A. Sakers

Chris Sakers, from Southwest Academy Magnet School in Baltimore, MD, is the top-ranked educator in the nation for the second year in a row. “My participation with FIM over the last eight years has been wonderful and rewarding. The evolution of challenges has been outstanding, and has truly helped my students to become better, faster, and more fluid with mental math skills."


Silver Medal
William Hanna

Yucca ES,
Alamogordo, NM.

Bronze Medal
Carol A. Lauck

St. Nicholas School, Minesville, PA.

Chris Sakers

Chris A. Sakers

During the past seven years, Chris Sakers, from Franklin MS in Reistertown, MD, has earned nearly 300,000 points and has been the top-ranked educator in Maryland each year. “I have fully enjoyed the First in Math program for the last seven years,” says Sakers. “I am beyond proud to have earned the Dr. Lola J. May Award."


Silver Medal
Susan Whited

Ferry Farm ES, Fredericksburg, VA.

Bronze Medal
Carol A. Lauck

St. Nicholas School, Minesville, PA.

Matt & Michelle Morse

Mathew David Morse

For the fourth year, C.W. Dillard's Matt Morse was #1 Team Leader Player in the nation. “The past four years have been wonderful. Through FIM, I have become much better at math—you are never too old to learn! Next year, I want to focus on having a 24 Game Tournament at our school instead,” says Morse. (with wife, Michelle)


Silver Medal
Chris Sakers

Franklin Middle School, Reistertown, MD.

Bronze Medal
Carol Lauck

St. Nicholas School, Minesville, PA.

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2014 Winner: Mathew David Morse

For the third year, C.W. Dillard teacher Matt Morse was the #1 FIM Team Leader Player in the nation. “FIM challenges students to go beyond normal math patterns and rewards them for doing more—a microcosm of their future. I see growth in their ability to calculate quickly, and I have also increased my speed...I want to keep my brain active and my mind sharp."


2013 Winner: Mathew David Morse

For the second straight year, C.W. Dillard ES teacher Matt Morse (with son, Grant) was the #1 FIM Team Leader Player in the nation. He earned more than 53,000 stickers. Says Morse, "The challenge that FIM offers sharpens the brain. I have become better in math because of FIM, and if it is helping me, I know students are increasing their skills as well." 



2012 Winner: Mathew David Morse

Top Ten competition ended with C.W. Dillard ES teacher Matt Morse (with mother, Jane) earning more than 49,000 stickers on his way to becoming the #1 Team Leader Player in the nation. "I truly feel that FIM is the best, most thorough math program out there," says the CA native. "It helps get students excited about math. Hopefully I've been a good example, too!."


2011 Winner: Colleen Armor

The 2010/2011 National competition saw Armor top her nearest competitor by more than 500 stickers. Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament School in Natrona Heights, PA has been home to Armor for many years."My goal has always been to rid my classroom of the 'I hate math' syndrome. First in Math has helped me achieve that goal."


2010 Winner: Cherylene McClendon

Cherylene McClendon of Joseph Pennell School in the School District of Philadelphia was presented with the inaugural Dr. Lola J. May Award as the #1-Ranked TLP in the nation, besting nearly 14,000 of her peers in 2009/2010 National competition.

 Lola J. May

The First In Math Program
is pleased to present
the Dr. Lola J. May
Achievement Award
to the #1 Ranked
Team Leader Player
in the program.

"Lola is a legend. With support from her estate, we are pleased to present this award to educators who exemplify Lola's spirit. I can think of no greater honor to bestow on a mathematics educator."

creator of the
First In Math® Program