First In Math Online Program Content

Designed with focus, coherence and rigor, our 200+ self-paced online math games are great for individualized instruction in addition through algebra. Since 2002, we have provided successful K-8 math experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning.

First In Math games help every kid be a 'math kid'

Content on the PLAYER HUB is organized into nine Modules: Just the Facts, Very Important Facts, Workout Gyms, Skill Sets, Know & Show, Bonus Games, Measurement World, CT World and K2 World. Modules contain math games geared to every skill level and style of learning.

Unique content and features

Students earn Skill Badges and virtual Award Stickers at every level.

Leverage our nationwide First In Math "Rankings" to provide motivation and sustain high activity levels throughout the school year. (Participation optional)

Exclusive 24® GAME online content helps children explore, think mathematically, learn, and build a love for math that lasts a lifetime.

Our FAMILYLINK feature offers a way for parents to try the same First In Math online content their child is using, facilitating the connection between home and school.

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