Top First In Math Kindergarten Team in the Nation Meets Inventor

Top FIM Kindergarten Team in the Nation Meets Inventor

In-person visits are out of the question right now, but that didn't stop First In Math inventor, Robert Sun, from meeting with the students on Team 'Alive58pa' — the Top-Ranked Kindergarten Team in the Nation!  Students, Sun, Principal Mickey Komins, Assistant Principals Khloe Williams and Michael Tauber, and Teacher/Team Leader Jason Nash connected via Zoom meeting on May 27.

First In Math inventor, Robert Sun, joins a Zoom meeting with several members of the Number 1 Kindergarten First In Math team in the Nation! Top row: Robert Sun and Teacher/Team Leader Jason Nash. Second row: Principal Mickey Komins and Assistant Principal Michael Tauber. Third row: Assistant Principal Khloe William.  Photo credit: Nancy Kane

Teacher Jason Nash had high praise for his Team. "These are five- and six-year-old students from all over the world. They didn’t compete with each other—they helped and encouraged each other. They never gave up."

Nash says that some of their favorite games are RPS Chess and any Bonus game, but recalls how much they enjoyed it when a new game was released, "the word would spread like wildfire in the room."

Komins laughed in agreement, "We all like when new games are released—it reinvigorates you!" Komins then thanked the students for their spirit and determination. "Ms. Williams, Mr. Tauber and I are all very proud of you—most importantly we want you to remember, you did this, you earned it, be proud of yourselves!"

Sun fielded a few student questions, including the ever-popular "How did you make First In Math?" and told the students he was proud of them, adding "You are lucky to be in such a special place—at Anne Frank—with teachers who care about you."

Anne Frank Elementary School is part of the School District of Philadelphia, and a long-time First In Math partner. Team Alive58pa's 30 students earned an amazing 190,484 stickers, and are part of a large group of successful students and educators. Anne Frank is ranked #1 nationally among All Schools/All Grades in the Large School category, and Principal Mickey Komins is the #9 Educator Player in the nation.

"It was a little intimidating at first for these young children, to meet Mr. Sun, but they caught on quickly and did a great job," says First In Math Implementation Specialist, Nancy Kane, also participated in the call. "Principal Komins is such a good leader—it speaks volumes that he and his staff took time out of their busy schedules to be on the call and find a way to recognize these amazing children."

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