System Requirements

PC Operating Systems:

WINDOWS 7 or higher:
1. Will function with: Firefox 4.0 or higher; Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher; Safari 5.0 or higher, Google Chrome 10 or higher, or Edge.
2. Cookies: Always allow.
3. JavaScript must be enabled.
4. Browser preferences should be set to always load new pages (no page caching)
5. Make sure FIM is a "Trusted Site" in IE (Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites>Sites-then add


Macintosh Operating Systems:

1. Will function with: Safari 5.0 or higher, Firefox 4.0 or higher or Google Chrome 
2. Cookies: Always allow (never ask)
3. JavaScript must be enabled
4. Preferences should be set to always load new pages


Apple iPad or Android Tablet devices:

The FIM website now contains games that are HTML5-compatible, and should function on devices manufactured after 2010.



If your school or district uses a Proxy Server (such as Blue Coat) you must put a caching exclusion in place so that your proxy server does not cache content from - Players need to see a NEW page every time. Some proxy servers, web filters or firewalls automatically block certain types of data streams. To pass information between our website and the games we require the following Content Type to be added if it is not already present. Content-Type is: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

• Your security hardware/software or firewall must "ALLOW" the First In Math site.
• Email addresses "" and "" should be allowed by your email filter(s) so that your staff can access FIM Support, and other FIM communications.

• Site is intended to function on hardware manufactured after 2010.
• Site requires Internet access. Minimum T1 service (or equivalent) recommended.
• The First In Math® Online program is eager to provide information, assistance or free Tech Support to schools who have purchased the program, or to users who have purchased individual (non-school) site licenses. This support is offered via email from 8am to 4pm EST, Monday through Friday.