First In Math - Building the M in STEM

Building the M in STEM with First In Math

First In Math® Online helps K-8 students acquire and retain essential math skills that lead to success in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. 1

We provide successful MATH experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning. Unique online games and substantive content—coupled with reinforcing feedback—give students the skills they need to pursue STEM careers. Our highest success rates are among elementary-age students, and many schools experience double-digit increases in test scores with fidelity of implementation.First In Math - Building the M in STEMWe create interest in students of ALL ages and skill levels without creating additional burden on teachers by providing an easy-to-use tool for online math PRACTICE. Students enjoy First In Math’s digital gaming activities so much that nearly 50% use it in their free time at home.

In addition to numeracy, our content is designed to build 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration—and CHARACTER qualities like curiosity, initiative, persistence and grit. Girls are especially drawn to our student-centered approach to math.FIM - Building the M in STEMBecause parental involvement is key to a child’s attitude about STEM careers, our FAMILYLINK™ initiative provides one additional free User ID for each student, so siblings/family members can play along!

From Elite private institutions to rural schools and inner-city districts, millions of students are becoming STEM-ready using the FIRST IN MATH online program!

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 1 An independent 2016-17 SRI evaluation conducted to assess FIM’s ability to improve fact fluency concludes: “FIM moves the needle on student academic achievement.” Data show 90% probability of test score improvement by at least 50 points when used 20 minutes/week.