Our Mission

To help 100 million people become fearless in mathematics, forever changing the way that math is learned and perceived.

The First In Math® digital platform and 24 Challenge® tournaments have touched more than 35 million children globally over the past three decades.

Since 1988, inventor Robert Sun and his team have developed more than 300 games that foster mathematical confidence in children and adults.

Using innovative game-based learning technologies, students are provided with instant feedback, direct instruction, and the freedom to make mistakes without penalty. Games are scaffolded from the pre-kindergarten level through eighth grade and beyond to provide an onramp to success with engaging content. Teachers are provided with real-time assessment while families play and learn alongside their children with the innovative FamilyLink® feature.

The 24® game and First In Math have been used in more than 10,000 schools throughout the United States, as well as schools in India, Uruguay, South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom, Portugal, The Netherlands, Thailand, Israel, Mexico, and The United Arab Emirates.

Suntex International Inc. has worked with more than 100 partners across 34 industries to bring mathematics confidence and education to the masses, including Verizon, Old Mutual, Conrail, Sony, NBA and NFL, Common Service Centers (CSCs in India), and more. At any moment, 265 First In Math digital games are being played by more than 1.65 million children and adults from ages 4 to 80.

Research studies done by WestEd, Stanford Research Institute, and Lehigh University document that First In Math significantly improves attitudes and math proficiencies for elementary students — often improving standardized test scores by double digits.

First In Math has earned a Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise. This Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school leaders, educators, and families looking for edtech products with a confirmed basis in research about learning.

First In Math has created measurable benefits across economic boundaries with impressive and measurable results across income levels. Students of color from traditionally marginalized demographics show strong documented growth with intentional use. Students of all genders utilize First In Math’s engaging game-based learning systems equally, with documented use across four continents for more than 35 years.

First In Math is supportive of SDG 4 — Quality Education. As noted by UN DESA, the COVID-19 pandemic has deepened an inequality crisis in global education. First In Math is committed to providing solutions to inequality of access, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 2 Billion math problems were solved by students on the platform.

Top 10 reasons Educators love First In Math

  • Content to challenge all students, from intervention to gifted.
  • Critical prep for ALGEBRA even at the K, 1 and 2 levels.
  • Significant results can be achieved in minutes a day.
  • Games range from simple shape matching to complex CT/Coding.
  • Easy monitoring of practice, activity and proficiency in vital areas.
  • Online practice reduces time spent reviewing math facts in class.
  • Comprehensive math content aligns with established standards.
  • Free implementation help; group PD available.
  • Education Law 2-d/Data Privacy and Security Compliant.
  • Clever and ClassLink Compatible.

Bring online math practice home with FamilyLink®

We automatically generate one additional First In Math User ID for a family member or friend to use! A FamilyLink® player can join the online fun, encouraging an atmosphere of math achievement at home. Parents can check in on the progress!

Exclusive content.

We are proud to be home to the 24® GAME. Our eight Skill Set modules feature 24 exclusive, online editions of this amazing math game! Each edition encourages children to explore, think mathematically, learn, and build a love for math that lasts a lifetime.

Building the M in STEM

Nearly half of the students who express interest in STEM careers are not proficient enough in math! Our specially-designed content—including a Computational Thinking module—helps students hone the math, critical thinking, and deep problem-solving skills they need to pursue STEM careers.



First In Math is supportive of Sustainable Development Goals to provide inclusive and quality education for all.

For more information, contact Nan Ronis at nan@firstinmath.com