Our Mission

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Provide the path to math mastery.

How? By fueling the thirst for knowledge through comprehensive content in an engaging format. Students become immersed in a progression-based, interactive environment where new skills are acquired and improvement is continually recognized. In sports, kids take ownership of the practice necessary to improve, often with little adult direction. First In Math (FIM) facilitates this same response where students are eager to practice mathematics.

Teachers love that FIM ignites a passion for excellence.

First In Math online provides immediate feedback so practice is meaningful and engaging. Through our Deep Practice techniques, skills that might take months of conventional practice can be mastered in a matter of days. Improvement is self-directed and new habits replace old, unproductive habits—driving success in every academic area. Significant results can be achieved in minutes a day.

How can First In Math online inspire teamwork and collaboration at my school?

Visit any fully activated FIM school and you will find students who are engaged, empowered and energized. A friendly competition component helps students become motivated and energized to sustain accelerated effort over time. Students forge a bond at the classroom level, help one another, and become better critical thinkers. FIM is available 24/7, from school, home, or public library.

Critical preparation for Algebra, grades K through 8.

Fluency with rational numbers and skill in manipulating rational expressions are the foundation for Algebra I and II. FIM modules are designed to reinforce mastery of basic facts, decimals, fractions, integers, exponents, variables and order of operations. Many FIM games introduce principles of Algebra, even at the K, 1 and 2 levels. Early introduction of these concepts leads to enthusiasm and algebra readiness.

First In Math content and Common Core.

FIM’s comprehensive content fully aligns with the CCSSM, and our easy-to-use interactive tool supports teachers as they implement CCSSM content and practice standards. Recent major shifts in mathematics—focus, coherence and rigor—have been cornerstones of our program for more than a decade. First In Math online is unique as a resource for both teachers and students. Self-paced activities target mastery of procedural skills and fluency that are essential for demonstrating conceptual understanding, and applying those concepts to all life skills.

Easy to implement, and complements any curriculum.

In less than ten minutes, you can get a classroom up and running. There is never any software to install and updates occur seamlessly. All participants are provided a unique FIM User ID that can be customized to fit already-existing web-access protocols. User IDs can be printed on labels to make distribution easy. First In Math online reaches ALL K-8 students, from intervention to gifted, making it a great complement to any curriculum.

Parents love First In Math online too.

Parents are delighted to see their children build a solid foundation in mathematics. When a child solves a predetermined number of math problems, FIM automatically generates an additional Family User ID! Family members can learn and refresh skills as they work alongside their child toward higher levels of math achievement. 

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